What to Expect at a Wedding Cake Consultation/Tasting

Delicious Cake Tasting at The Corner Cakery

What to Expect at a Wedding Cake Consultation/Tasting


Why should you schedule a wedding cake consultation and tasting?  The obvious reason is to taste cakes.  You don’t want a yucky tasting Wedding Cake.  It also gives you and your cake designer a chance to get to know each other.  To see if you are compatible in a working relationship.  I’ll be honest I’ve had brides that I just didn’t get.  I couldn’t get a good reading on their likes and dislikes.  This makes it hard to design a cake.  So you want to make sure your  Cake Designer understands your personality and what you want.

What to Discuss

1. Budget

When discussing your budget, you should go over number of servings, the flavor, filling, and icing and decide whether or not you are wanting to keep the top tier.  Always be upfront about your budget.  Most Cake Designers are willing to work within in your budget (if it’s a reasonable budget).  This may mean not getting that 5 tier wedding cake with hand made flowers cascading down the side.  You may need to scale back to a 3 or 4 tier cake with fresh flowers.

2.  Venue and Time of Delivery

When discussing the venue, please make sure you tell the cake designer if it’s outside.   This will greatly  affect delivery time.  We live in South Georgia, where it gets hot and we have gnats.  Lots of gnats.  Did I mention it is H-0-T? Icing left out too long in the heat will melt.

3.  Food Allergies

You should discuss any food allergies that you or the groom may have.  Most bakeries, caterers, etc will  accommodate food allergies.   We don’t want your honeymoon spent in the ER.

4.  Theme

Let your cake designer know what kind of wedding you will be having such as country, chic, elegant.  Let your personality shine through.

What to Take to the Consultation?

1.  Any pictures of cakes you like.

Take all the different cake pictures you have been ogling over for the past 6 months.  You can even circle the different elements on each cake you like most.

2.  Ideas

Anything you would like to incorporate into you wedding cake design such as an invitation or lace from your dress. You could even bring  your Pinterest Wedding board  to share.

3.  Color Swatch

If you want your wedding colors incorporated into your design, take a color swatch that can be left with the designer.  The color swatch will take the guess out of matching your colors.  The one thing I fear the most, besides dropping the cake, is getting to the venue and the cake doesn’t match the colors in the room.

With all this information and an open line of communication, you and your cake designer will be able to make your wedding cake dreams come true.

Jeweled Wedding Cake designed by The Corner Cakery


Wedding Dress used as design inspiration








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Welcome to The Corner Cakery!

Welcome to The Corner Cakery.  I am the owner, operator, cake decorator, and the list goes on and on.  My name is Cindy Johnson.  I just wanted to give a little history and insight about The Corner Cakery,

Well it all began in a little town called Pelham, Georgia.  Born April 2, 19……….. Just kidding.  I want go back that far.  I did take my first cake decorating class approximately 15 years ago.  Fell in love and it came rather naturally so win win.  Baking is a different story.  But to decorate, you must bake. (Sigh)  So the learning process began.  I started practicing with old recipes from family and friends.  I became rather good at baking (gasp).  I know who would ever thunk it.  Then with lots of financial help and support from my family, The Corner Cakery was born.  I opened in May 2010 .

Now, what is The Corner Cakery and where are we located you ask.  The Corner Cakery is a small boutique custom cake shop specializing in wedding cakes located in the beautiful , historic Downtown Moultrie, Georgia.  We take pride in our made from scratch cakes and icings using local ingredients when available. Psst, just a small fact, all of our pecans are grown right here in South Georgia by Ernest Jacobs (my daddy).   We also have sweets for walk in customers to buy such as  cupcakes, cookies, and our everyday cakes ie Red Velvet, Key Lime and our famous 10 Layer Chocolate Cake. Oh wait, I almost forgot.  You can have our cake slices at Blue Sky Grill  or order our chocolate chip cookies from undeserveacookie.com.

I guess that just about wraps up our introduction.  I will be posting more about what we do as well as offer decorating tips and tricks, and wedding cake advise.  If you like to contact us, you may call (229)668-2253 or fill out the contact us form on our website.  We can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and  Wedding Wire.

Till next time.